Second Vaccines & Grosvenor and Monmouth Patients (25th February 2021)

National guidance is that second vaccines are to be given at the same location as the first vaccine. For any ex-Monmouth or ex-Grosvenor patients that have transferred to our surgery and have had their first vaccine with BEMS, we have been told BEMS will invite you for your second vaccine. This will be around 11 weeks, again in line with national guidance.

When we invite you please help us by responding promptly (23rd February 2021)

Where we hold a mobile number, your invite will be sent by text message containing a link to book your vaccination at Batheaston Medical Centre. We have very short notice of delivery dates and need to set up clinics and invite patients in an incredibly short timeframe. If you receive a text message invite, please can we ask you book your appointment straight away. It takes an awful lot of time each day reviewing numbers who have booked and deciding if we have capacity to invite other eligible patients. The more time we have to do this is a massive help to us. Similarly if you do not wish to have the vaccine please let us know. We will add 'decline' to your records and you will not be invited again, unless you tell us you have changed your mind.

Due to short timeframes, we are unable to send letters and in these circumstances we will contact you by your landline. Please be aware our number will show as withheld. 

Current Situation with Vaccinating (23rd February 2021)

If you are aged 70 and over or are shielding you should have already received an invite from us to book your vaccine. We have a number of patients with incorrect contact details. Please get in touch with us if you are in these groups and have not received your invite.

If you are 65-69 and have not received an invite from us, you will need to book via the National Booking Service (NBS). We have been asked to focus on Group 6 by NHS England.

If you are an eligible frontline health worker, eligible frontline social care worker or are eligible for the Carer's allowance you can also book via the National Booking Service .

Please see here for who is eligible.

Group 6 - Underlying Health Conditions (23rd February 2021)

We are working our way through inviting this group of patients with underlying health conditions. We are holding a vaccine clinic at Batheaston Medical Centre today and the next clinic is on 2nd March. We have today invited patients down to aged 40 to book and will invite remaining patients as soon as we are aware of our next vaccine delivery and clinic date.

Group 6 - Asthma (16th February 2021)

The JCVI Guidelines state those eligible for a vaccination in Group 6 are:

  •  anyone who has ever had an emergency asthma admission OR
  • those who have an asthma diagnosis and have had 3 prescriptions for oral steroids over a 3-month period (each prescription must fall within separate individual month windows), as an indication of repeated or continuous oral steroids.

If you fall outside of these guidelines, you will be invited in the appropriate age group.

Group 6 - Patients with Underlying Health Conditions (16th February 2021)

On 13th February we were asked by NHS England to move to inviting patients with underlying health conditions. Our next clinic at Batheaston Medical Centre is on Tuesday 23rd February and invites will start to be issued later this week. Please be aware we have over 740 patients to vaccinate in this group and are reliant on the vaccine supplies which are allocated to us - we do not order vaccines. We will not be able to invite everyone to the clinic on 23rd February and will provide further updates when we know about future clinics. We are hopeful this group can be concluded in a matter of a few weeks. 

Group 5 - Patients Aged 65-69 (16th February 2021)

On 13th February, as a Local Booking Service (LBS) we were asked by NHS England to move to inviting Group 6 patients. Remaining Group 5 patients will be invited by the National Booking Service (NBS) or, provided you are aged 65 and over, you can book directly by clicking this NHS England link

Batheaston Medical Centre Vaccination Site (16th February 2021)

At Fairfield Park Health Centre, we work closely with Batheaston Medical Centre and Widcombe Surgery as a Primary Care Network (PCN). Our PCN decided to host vaccination clinics at Batheaston Medical Centre due to the large care park next door, where 2 hours free parking has been secured. These clinics are a joint effort and are staffed by GPs, Nurses, Pharmacists, Management and Admin staff from all three surgeries. We are very proud of all staff across the PCN who have helped to organise and man the clinics and to staff in surgeries continuing our day to day services to patients.

Aged 70 and Over or Shielding and not yet received your vaccination? (8th February 2021)

If you are aged 70 or over or are a shielding patient and have yet to book your vaccine, please let us know. We have text, emailed, telephoned or written to all of our patients in Groups 1-4 to invite them for the vaccine. It is very important we hold your up to date contact details so we can easily get in touch.

Housebound Patients (8th February 2021)

We have today vaccinated most of our housebound patients. Remaining patients will be vaccinated this week.

Vaccination Immunity (22nd January 2021) 

Please note having a COVID vaccination does not give you immediate immunity. It will take 7-10 days for the immunity to start to be useful. Please remember no vaccine is 100% effective and there are no guarantees it will prevent you getting the disease but will hopefully to make any infection less serious. The second vaccination will will help boost immunity.

Care Home Staff, Residents and Patients aged 75 and Over (21st January 2021)

As of 15th January we have vaccinated our Care Home staff and older residents. We have invited our patients aged Over 80 and 75-79 for their vaccination and these have been accommodated in two sets of clinics, each over three days.

When we receive our next delivery (date to be confirmed, which we will update here when known) we will be inviting our next cohort being those aged 70-74 and our clinically extremely vulnerable patients. We will also remind anyone Over 75 who has yet to be vaccinated.

For our housebound patients we are waiting to hear how these will be administered and will provide an update here when we have one. 

Before Christmas we increased our call answering capacity to better handle incoming calls and this was reflected in our call answering statistics. The subsequent vaccination programme has meant an unprecedented number of calls coming into the practice depending where we are in the vaccination cycle. This means there will be delays at certain times and our dedicated staff are working incredibly hard to minimise wait times during these periods.

Contact Details (21st January 2021)

We do have a very small number of patients whom we have been unable to contact. Please can we ask you to ensure we have up to date contact details and wherever possible a mobile number or email so we can communicate instantly. We do appreciate not all of our patients use a mobile phone or have an email address. We will write or telephone in these instances. 

Bookings and Location (8th January, 13th January 2021)

We are very pleased to say we have today started our vaccination clinics. When you receive an invite to book your COVID-19 vaccination, please call the surgery after 10am as lines are very busy between 8-10am with poorly patients ringing to book urgent appointments and we need to ensure they can access the surgery. Our phone lines have become incredibly busy due to the volume of vaccinations we need to get through.

Please be aware our clinics are currently at Batheaston Medical Centre and NOT Fairfield Park Health Centre. We have mentioned this in any text messages, emails or letter invites you receive and our reception team also will advise you clinics are at Batheaston Medical Centre. 

Having the vaccination means you are less likely to get severe symptoms, you still need to adhere to the social distancing and face covering guidelines.

This map here shows you were you can get a vaccination if you cannot attend our centre at Batheaston (Note this still for the priority groups in order). 

Vaccination Allergies, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Update (5th January)

Allergies and Anaphylaxis
The MHRA has advised that individuals with a history of anaphylaxis to food, an identified drug or vaccine, or an insect sting can receive any COVID-19 vaccine, as long as they are not known to be allergic to any component of the vaccine. Please read Section 2 and Section 6 of the Information Leaflet for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

Pregnant women should not be given any COVID-19 vaccination routinely. The JCVI has advised, however, that vaccination in pregnancy should be considered where the risk of exposure to SARS-CoV2 infection is high and cannot be avoided, or where the woman has underlying conditions that put them at very high risk of serious complications of COVID-19. In these circumstances, please discuss the risks and benefits of vaccination with your clinician. The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have a web page dedicated to COVID with Questions and Answers here.

The JCVI advises that breastfeeding women may be offered vaccination with the Pfizer-BioNTech or AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines The developmental and health benefits of breastfeeding should be considered along with the mother’s clinical need for immunisation against COVID-19, and the woman should be informed about the absence of safety data for the vaccine in breastfeeding women.

Vaccination Scams (6th January 2021)

Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Trading Standards Team have received details of fraudsters taking advantage of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout by sending convincing text messages to scam people out of financial information. The text messages claim to be from the NHS and state recipients are eligible to receive the vaccine. Included in the message is a hyper-link to a fake application form which asks for personal information and a credit card number. We have also been informed about phone calls, websites and in person scams. The NHS will

  • Never ask for payment
  • Never ask for bank details
  • Never arrive unannounced to administer the vaccine
  • Never ask for proof of identity to be shared eg sending a copy of your passport.

PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS. The NHS does not charge for the vaccine and will never ask you for your credit cards details. Please be wary of any unsolicited emails, texts or calls.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERIES PLEASE LOOK AT THE CCG WEBSITE https://www.bswccg.nhs.uk/latest-covid-19-updates  OR CONTACT THE CCG VIA BSWCCG.vaccinequery@nhs.net

Invitations Have Started (31st December 2020)

We have started to invite the over 80s and those aged 75-79 to Covid vaccination clinic at Batheaston Medical Centre from 8th January onwards. We will continue to invite people. When attending Batheaston there is a free car park, pre arranged for 2 hours, adjacent to the surgery and buses do run along from the London Road regularly stopping very near the practice. Face coverings must be worn and please arrive on time, not early for the appointment.  Please read the information leaflet found here prior to attending.

COVID-19 Vaccine (17th November 2020, 23rd December 2020)

You will have seen on the news that a vaccine could be signed off for use any time from December onwards. We have received calls already from patients asking about the vaccine and asking to be put on a waiting list. Please be assured as soon as we are asked by the Government and NHS England to commence vaccinations, invites will be sent to eligible patients in the cohorts required at the times required. 

PLEASE NOTE We intend to provide the vaccination for our patients at Batheaston Medical Centre as you will be aware the current vaccine needs using within 3.5 days of delivery. This means it is important that if you want to have it you attend when invited. The first age group to be invited will be those aged 80+. The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has decided the order of priority for vaccinations, please see this website for more information about the vaccination programme.

If you are unsure about taking up the vaccine try this evidence-based 'serious' game which can be  played on a mobile phone. It only takes a few minutes. https://games.focusgames.co.uk/CoronaBee/game/ .

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